There are three types of independent financial advisor fees:

1. The Strategy Fee

This fee covers the ownership of the strategy and the cost of Calculis’s intellectual property –our experience and expertise. It also covers the cost of the discovery meeting, gathering information about your current situation and the production and presentation of your comprehensive personal strategy plan, with detailed recommendations.

2. The Implementation Fee

This fee relates to putting into action all of our recommendations. A good strategy poorly implemented can have serious consequences. We have a good reputation in the marketplace as a team which delivers the very highest-quality work. Other professionals, like accountants and lawyers, often refer their clients to us because of the value which we bring.

3. The Ongoing Fee

This fee enables Calculis to provide our clients with a wide range of services which might include:

  • A detailed review at least every 12 months, to ensure that everything is on track to achieve your objectives.
  • Telephone and e-mail access to the Calculis team.
  • Supplying year-end taxation information (as required).
  • Recommending suitable professionals, as other needs arise.
  • Portfolio design and construction.
  • Ongoing management of your investment portfolio.

We pride ourselves on keeping you up to speed, researching options, making ourselves available throughout the year and investing in the latest technology, so that everything can be kept on track.

All fees are variable, depending on the type of service required. For more information: 01794 525500