Our Portfolio and Investment Services select a range of funds from a variety of expert fund managers and management houses, such as Fidelity, Invesco Perpetual and Newton.

It is our intention to reduce your exposure to risk by holding several non-correlated assets, ie ones which do not necessarily move in the same direction at the same stage in the economic cycle.

Wealth Management Committee

Our Wealth Management Committee meets quarterly (and when required) to discuss the merits of where we have invested, to monitor fund performance and debate where we should invest, depending on the world economy at that time and how we see it changing in the near future.

We use both quantitative research and qualitative information to help us to choose the funds in which to invest. This means that we will look at a fund’s track record, analyse its risk and assess its charges, in addition to the fund manager’s process, risk controls and the team behind the manager.

Every Quarter

Every quarter, we will also rebalance our portfolios. This means that your investments are switched to restore the original mix of funds and assets matched to your risk profile. This has two benefits, as you will be able to bank any gains made and it prevents your investment from becoming too top heavy (or underweight), in any of the selected funds. This helps you to keep things on track.