Your savings and investments should work to achieve your goals; be they retirement, a one-off purchase or simply, growth. With this in mind, our experienced Directors work closely with clients to create bespoke strategies that help meet your specific goals, whilst complementing your appetite for risk.


If safety and access to funds are important to you, we can advise on a range of short and mid-term savings solutions. Conversely, if security of capital is what you are looking for, we can help you find beneficial fixed-term solutions.


Here at Calculis, building an investment strategy tailored to your individual needs is what we do best.

Following our step-by-step process, we combine a wealth of knowledge with our personal approach to develop and implement a diverse portfolio that minimises any taxation consequences.

We understand that risk is, of course, an inherent factor in investments. It is how that risk is managed that can be the difference between successful investments and painful losses. Therefore, we monitor and review your strategy on a regular basis, keeping you informed at each step of the process.

We recognise that the world economy is currently a unpredictable environment and we are acutely aware of the pace at which markets can change. This is why our Investment Committee meets every quarter to discuss the merits of our investments and rebalance portfolios where applicable.

If you would like to make more from your savings and investments, contact Calculis to arrange your FREE Investment Review today on 01794 525500 or email