The new pension rules will significantly impact your retirement planning, opening up a whole new world of flexibility over how you spend, save and invest your pension.

With greater access to pensions comes greater responsibility and the sweeping reforms signal the need for more holistic financial planning. Research has found that 1 in 3 who take financial decisions without independent advice later regret them.*

As an Independent Chartered Financial Planning firm, our qualified Directors, Alex Pegley and Chris Moseley, are ideally placed to help you take the necessary steps to navigate the new pension rules, maximise the tax advantages and provide an outcome that meets your specific retirement goals.

* The Value of Independent Financial Advice

If you’re approaching retirement and you would like to take advantage of the new pension rules, organise your Free no-obligation Pension Review with our specialist team today.

For more information about the shake-up to the pensions industry, download the Calculis Pension Reforms Guide.