Owners of small- to medium-sized businesses | Professionals and senior executives
Self-made people | Accumulated and inherited wealth

Business owners

As a business owner, we understand the challenges which face you daily. We help our business clients with advice about tax-efficient remuneration strategies, in addition to satisfying your legal obligations on employees’ benefits.

As pension and taxation rules are constantly changing, you may like to discuss the options available to you, such as extracting profit from your company and placing your premises within your pension scheme.

Individuals and family-based financial planning

At Calculis, we take the time to understand the goals which you set for yourself and your family. We then design a tailor-made approach to help you to reach your goals. We will monitor your progress to ensure that you stay on track. We like to help clients at all stages in their life, from buying their first home to calculating how best to reduce their liability to inheritance tax on their estate.

As a boutique and truly independent firm of financial planners, we are able to obtain access to several unique investment strategies.

Young and unmarried

You have finished your education, have a job and have your own money and independence! You may think, at this stage, that you should not have to speak to a financial planner, as you are invincible, but you face a steep learning curve, at this stage. You need to understand how to budget for bills and future events. You need to learn the difference between renting and buying a house, types of mortgage available, benefits offered by your employer and the differences between pensions and ISAs.

With independence comes responsibility. At this time, you should ensure that you have enough cash saved for any unfortunate events or in case you are unable to work – perhaps because of illness.

Married with young children

At this time of your life, you will want to buy a house where your children can grow up. You will need help in arranging a mortgage to buy your home and will certainly want to insure yourself and your partner against unforeseen circumstances. You will want to make sure that you have enough money coming in to pay the bills and provide for your children, should you fall ill. You will need advice on Child Trust Funds and how to help your children in later life.

Start setting your life goals. We can help you to map out your journey from A to B.

Married with older children

At this stage of your life, you should be reaping the rewards which come with promotion at work or setting up your own business. You may be looking into ways in which you can repay your mortgage early, increase your retirement fund or give your grown-up children a lift onto the property ladder.

We can check to ensure that you are still on track to achieve the goals which you set out all those years ago.

Pre retirement

As children fly the nest, so your lifestyle changes. You may have more disposable income or decide to reduce your hours at work to enjoy hobbies. As you get closer to retirement, you may wish to devise a strategy on how and when you will retire. Would you like to semi-retire and take a modest income from your pension or to stop working and travel the world!

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that some couples will separate. We can work closely with solicitors or collaborative lawyers to help you through this tough time, should it happen.

Post retirement

Now is the time to relax and enjoy your time, travelling or sharing hobbies with grandchildren. Your mind will also turn to the future and how to prepare yourself for your twilight years.

You may wish to look at estate-planning, to ensure that the maximum amount is left to your loved ones on your passing. Does your will reflect your requirements?

You may even think about how you will be looked after as you grow older. What will happen, if you need long-term care? How can you pay the bills associated with this?